High quality infographic designer

Information designer working with the leading London data visualisation agency - now open for freelance work! Clients include Google, The Guardian, Fox, NBC Universal, Sony, Samsung, Accenture, etc.

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Gothic article
The Guardian

How to tell you're reading a gothic novel – in pictures

Are some novels more gothic than others? We return to the genre's roots in the 18th century for this definitive guide to gothic fiction...

Hitch article
The Guardian

The 39 stats: Alfred Hitchcock's obsessions in numbers

Alfred Hitchcock's films in numbers - from character deaths to longest journeys...

Ow quotes article
The Guardian

Oscar Wilde's most enduring epigrams – infographic

Probably the most-quoted author after Shakespeare, and certainly the wittiest, here's a look at his most lasting lines...

Wian article
The Guardian

What's in a name? Visualised

Is your name linked to your life chances?...